Protostar 9000 Mobile Imaging Aligner

Protostar 9900 resembles the latest imaging technology combined with a newly designed , post built to the cabinet for compartiblity with multibay uses, exlusive black diamond mini target and one of the world's smallest target. The rear target is comparable in size of one ipad mini while the front target is half of the rear one. The fine designed Surealign 4.4 software is user friendly, with one touch of the key going thru the whole alignment process. Come standed with 32 LCD displays ,The readings and processes can be viewed or controlled from your iOS , Andriod or Blackberry 10 devices. 

Communication Type Imaging
Operating System Windows 7/8
Software SureAlign 4.0
Accuracy 0.01
Voltage 110V/220V
Certification CE/UL/CSA
Target Size BDM Mini
Cameras(Total) 2
Lift compatible Yes
4 Post hoist compatibility Yes
Standard Wheel Clamps 13
Remote Control iOS,Andriod,Blackberry 10
Toe Adjustment Yes
Raised Mode Yes
Live Caster Yes
Push Runout Compensation Yes
Two Wheel Alignment Mode Yes
Database Update Yes
Calibration Program Built in
Customer Manager Built in